Though AltEDUn is profit-centric, profit is not the priority nor the focus but “New Commerce” in education is the up and coming dynamic. We educate to produce “loving catalysts” who change the face and foundation of commerce to be innately harmonious with all life with evenly shared profitability by choice (not by force, like in Communism for instance).

Our model is quite simply “Being Love” vs. doing love. We teach life Led by the heart in all things and to be present in every moment, breathing it in fully.

AltEDUn’s primary profitable product is the very technology that gives the AltEDUn campus it’s near “Zero footprint” on any ecosystem and it’s full sustainability in almost any area of the world that has at least some water source. AltEDUn can provide fully Sustained Living micro-communities for 1 family to as many as 1200 persons.

Financial stability seems to be the primary problem for most all Alternative Education programs unless they are fully State or privately funded indefinitely. AltEDUn was designed to not only provide the most idealistic Living/Learning environment in the world but to literally lead the charge into the future with Sustained Living and Zero footprint technologies, regularly updated and  integrated into turn key product, designed to be implemented nearly anywhere in the world at project supporting profit.

Secondary income is from typical tuition style arrangement but with greater flexibility, allowing “Live in” Family units, extended leave, day classes (servicing local communities) and fractional weekly overnight living (2-4 nights per week, for instance), other income comes from the sale of Student art, scientific advancements (primarily in Sustainable Living technologies), Seminars put on by “Masters” at the facility, sale of excess organic produce, herbs and other AltEDUn Green House products not required by the AltEDUn “Live in” community or staff.

The primary focus of AltEDUn is it’s world class, Live in “Life Mentor” program in which some of the World’s greatest artisans come and live with the students for short or extended periods of time as both “Life” example and Master Artisans. AltEDUn also hosts visiting “Masters” with B&B style hospitality, who perhaps speak for a day or two, then travel on, perhaps visiting a few times a year.

AltEDUn has the look and feel of a “King of Camelot” encampment with unique, brightly colored, long flowing flags denoting the particular art form focus of each fabric, 30’ Yurt or Dome, back dropped by the beauty of the Southern Oregon hills and mountains, in an atmosphere of peace, harmony, love and acceptance.

Example technology: Self Cleaning “Hide-a-Bed”

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